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Pinello Elementary School Scholarship
2024 Application

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of Pinello Elementary School is offering one (1) five hundred dollar ($500) scholarship to one graduating senior from Widefield School District #3 high schools who formerly attended Pinello Elementary School.  One graduating senior of Mesa Ridge High School, Widefield High School, or Discovery High School will be chosen to receive the Pinello Elementary School 2022 Scholarship.

The purpose of the scholarship is to assist former Pinello Elementary School students in paying expenses for higher education.  A committee of parents and teachers will screen the application and determine the recipients of the scholarships.  The final decision of the award rests solely with the Pinello Scholarship Committee.  Presentation and payment of the awards will be made at the end of the year high school awards ceremony in May.


  1. This scholarship is available only to graduating seniors who attended Pinello Elementary School. 
  2.  The applicant must be a graduate of Mesa Ridge, Widefield, or Discovery  High Schools.
  3.  Applicants must be accepted to a form of higher education or advanced training beyond high school.   
  4.  One Letter of Recommendation.
  5.  High School Transcript.  
  6. The attached completed scholarship application.
  7. The completed application, letter of recommendation, and transcript must be returned to Mr. Lubich at Pinello by March 8, 2024.  Applications received after that time will not be considered.
  8. The scholarship must be used by October 31, 2024, or it will be forfeited.
      Pinello Scholarship Application

Scholarship Winners

Picture of Vanessa Wilkerson the 2021 Pinello Scholarship winner.

Vanessa Wilkerson

Widefield Gladiator Graduate 2021 Winner

Jalene Coward the Widefield Gladiator Graduate winner of 2020

Jalene Coward

Widefield Gladiator Graduate 2020 Winner

Jena Hucke, 2023  Widefield High School graduate picture. Student has a pto scholarship check in her hands.

Jenna Hucke

Widefield Gladiator Graduate 2023 Winner