Kindergarten may check out one book at a time. 1st grade through 5th grade may check out two books at a time. Students may check out books during their scheduled library time and during open library. Parents are responsible for the cost of lost or damaged books.

Library Schedules


  • Siedler- Thursday
  • Lesniak-Friday 

1st Grade

  • Leach-Tuesday
  • McAnally-Friday         
  • Schumacher-Wednesday

2nd Grade

  • Leslie-Wednesday
  • Ricci/Arms-Thursday
  • Gaddy-Friday

3rd Grade

  • Mauck-Tuesday
  • Pratt- Wednesday
  • Erwin- Friday

4th Grade

  • Weilert-Wednesday
  • Nance-Friday

5th Grade

  • Schlup-Wednesday
  • Blanchard-Friday

Life Skills


Black Panther laying on a stack of books that say Pinello on them.