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Hello Pinello Families,

Hope everyone is doing the best you can in these unsettling times.  I just wanted to reach out and give students another activity calendar for the next few weeks to record any PE related activities kids will be doing.

Remember PE activity does not have to have fancy equipment. If you do not have some type of ball to play catch with, you can always use items from around the house like an old stuffed animal or a few old socks rolled up. That will work in a pinch.  If you do not have a partner, use a tree or a bucket as your target.

Remember activity only has to be recorded every 3 days, since we have PE class every third day. Parents not to add extra stress and time, but if you are running out of activities to keep the kids moving here is a list of some online resources below.

Stay safe and hope to see everyone in the gym soon,

Mr. Lubich and Mr. Huerena (student teacher)

Just Dance

 Cosmic Kids Yoga

PE with Joe

Coach Josh-Kids Fitness   


Kids HIIT Work Out



  • Online science activities click here.

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