Environment Club

This year we are partnering with Pikes Peak Permaculture to lead our Environment Club! They bring a wonderful perspective, amazing experience, and desire to help our students learn about the environment and our impact on the earth! Participants in the Environment Club will complete activities and have conversations related to Soil, Natural Systems, and People Care, just to name a few! Environment Club's first meeting will be Tuesday, March 21st, and we will meet every Tuesday from 3:30-4:30 until our last meeting on May16th! 

Through the links below, you'll be able to see an outline to the curriculum for the 8 week club, access the website for Pikes Peak Permaculture, and find the necessary waivers that need to be filled out for your student to attend! 

    Permaculture Curriculumn                         Student Waivers

                               Pikes Peak Permaculture Website

Please feel free to reach out to Emily Zarkovacki, school social worker, with any questions or concerns! 

(719) 391-3410 
Pikes Peak Permaculture logo with an image of a  red flower growing from the ground with purple mountains and a sunrise.
Image of plant sprouts in biodegradable containers on a wooden table with a white table runner.