Pinello’s Counseling Program’s Vision & Mission

Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts

My mission is dedicated to the Academic, Social & Emotional and Physical Growth of every student through counseling services, consulting with parents and staff, and coordinating appropriate developmental lessons and programs for Pinello.

Services Offered!

   For Social & Emotional Needs:
-Individual Counseling
 -Group Counseling
     *Friendship Skills
     *Anger Control (and more!)
     For Academic Needs:
-Classroom Guidance Lessons
*R.O.A.R. Expectations
  *Conflict Resolution
   *Bullying (and many more!)
For Career Needs:
*Career Lessons
  *Career Day
Counseling Resources:
-Provide Support for School Supplies
-Provide Support for School Clothes (i.e. School Bell, Lions Club)
-Holiday Support (i.e. Toys For Tots, Church Meals & Gifts, Salvation Army)
-Referring to Community Counseling Services link here


Kelso Choices! Students Can Solve Their Own Small Problems!                 
  • Say “Please Stop”
  • Talk It Out
    Ignore it
  • Apologize
  • Walk Away
  • Share and Take Turns
  • Wait and Cool Off
Picture of Pinello Counselor Mrs. Monson wearing black shirt and red scarf.

 Meet Mrs. Monson!!                       (719)391-3398


Word Collage of words that have to do with things a counselor may discuss with students.