Pinello’s Counseling Program’s Vision & Mission

Every Student Matters, Every Moment Counts

My mission is dedicated to the Academic, Social & Emotional and Physical Growth of every student through counseling services, consulting with parents and staff, and coordinating appropriate developmental lessons and programs for Pinello.

Image result for School CounselingServices Offered!

   For Social & Emotional Needs:
-Individual Counseling
 -Group Counseling
     *Friendship Skills
     *Anger Control (and more!)
     For Academic Needs:
-Classroom Guidance Lessons
*R.O.A.R. Expectations
  *Conflict Resolution
   *Bullying (and many more!)
For Career Needs:
*Career Lessons
  *Career Day
Counseling Resources:
-Provide Support for School Supplies
-Provide Support for School Clothes (i.e. School Bell, Lions Club)
-Holiday Support (i.e. Toys For Tots, Church Meals & Gifts, Salvation Army)
-Referring to Community Counseling Services


Kelso Choices! Students Can Solve Their Own Small Problems!                 
  • Say “Please Stop”
  • Talk It Out
    Ignore it
  • Apologize
  • Walk Away
  • Share and Take Turns
  • Wait and Cool Off
Picture of Pinello Counselor Mrs. Monson wearing black shirt and red scarf.

 Meet Mrs. Monson!!                       (719)391-3398


Word Collage of words that have to do with things a counselor may discuss with students.