Panther University

Pinello Elementary is excited to announce that we are making some changes to Panther University this year! The primary goal of Panther University is to motivate students to read and learn to enjoy reading.  Daily reading is an integral part of your child's education and is expected by each of the teachers at our school. We know that you and your child will want to be a part of this great program!

The Panther University incentive program works in this way:

  • Reading menus will be sent home by your child's classroom teacher.
  • Students need to read or be read to at least 15 minutes a day (weekends and holidays included).
  • Once a student finishes a book, he/she needs to complete one of the activities on the reading menu.
  • Parents: Please verify that your child has read and/or been read to by asking them to tell you about the book that they read and help them to complete one of the activities on the menu.
  • When your student completes an activity, he/she will return the completed activity to their teacher. Their teacher will be looking for high quality work and students turning in their best work.
  • Students will receive a University Degree for the required number of books and menu activities. The entire Panther University program consists of 7 months, October through April. Students can work at whatever pace is comfortable for them. Due to typical length of books for different levels,  different grade levels have different requirements.

Have a great time reading with your child!